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Luxembourg Airport, one of the leading cargo airports in Europe, is leveraging digitization and datasharing to drive full visibility in its air cargo processes. Powered by Nallian, the airport’s cargo community platform is taking collaboration among airport users to the next level.  

Set up as a neutral IT platform, it is open to all actors involved in international trade. Enabling real-time capturing and sharing of granular information regarding shipment processing, far beyond the traditional cargo data, it empowers all stakeholders involved to better plan and execute their operations. From governmental processes, such as phytosanitary checks or customs related processes, to landside pick up and delivery, it will drive efficiency and visibility and provide in-depth insights in performance.

Nallian has been selected because their solution demonstrates their core competence in cargo communities, using best practice processes frameworks, and enables for integration with other cargo communities.

René Steinhaus, CEO 

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Luxembourg Airport takes visibility and efficiency to the next level with Nallian for Air Cargo

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