Air Cargo Americas

26-28 October 2021

We are excited to share our experience with how we're helping cargo hubs to efficiently 'operate as one' at Air Cargo Americas. Whether you're an airport authority looking to build a connected cargo community or a ground handler looking to better coordinate the truck visit process at your premises, we would be happy to connect. Let's meet and explore together how data sharing and collaborative work could unlock the hidden value of your cargo operations.

Enjoy the benefits of connected, collaborative work 

As an airport 

  • attract more business through unparalleled efficiency, transparency and reliability of service.
  • eliminate congestion & improve security at the cargo ground
  • gain eye opening insights in their real end-to-end cargo flows
  • build a connected community that operates as one

As a ground handler

  • maximize existing capacity
  • eliminate peaks, avoid idle times 
  • better plan resources in view of actual activity 
  • eliminate waiting times 

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We are looking forward to meeting you in Miami!

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