NxtPort - eECD

Digital ecosystem improving transparency of tank cleaning operations on a European level

The eECD project has the ambition to increase visibility and transparency of tank cleaning operations in Europe. Digitizing the data-exchange between the different actors in the network, Port of Antwerp’s data platform NxtPort, powered by Nallian, transforms the typically admin-heavy and paper-based process into an integrated, collaborative flow.

The platform improves collaboration between chemical, transport, tank storage and cleaning companies within the digital ecosystem. It empowers them to securely and easily share equipment and cleaning information – information that would be traditionally submitted on paper. At the same time, it allows cleaning companies to easily retrieve product safety datasheets for product loaded in the equipment that needs to be cleaned. Data sharing rules have been defined so that information is available to the right party when needed, but at the same time, data is protected when out of the specific context. Digitizing these data streams not only increases data-accuracy, transparency and operational efficiency, but also improves quality and safety.

The project is powered by NxtPort and Eclic.

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