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Nallian's solutions have been designed by and for cargo operators to drive operational efficiency and transparency in cross-company processes. All our solutions exist of modular, functional blocks (or apps) that can be easily combined to offer you exactly the functionality you need.

Connected hub | Cargo Communities

Cargo Cloud

Build a connected- high performance cargo hub that thrives on coordinated & transparent processes

Landside Management | GHAs, FFWDs, Trucking Companies

Truck Visit Solution

Facilitate pick up and deliveries with (pre)registration, slot management/booking and digital sharing of freight details

Key modules

(Pre-)Registration Digital Desk

Free up front desk staff as drivers self-register upon arrival and departure

Slot Booking

Maximize capacity, flatten peaks, eliminate waiting time by enabling slot booking

Sharing freight details

Replace paper-based release notes by an efficient digital flow

Powerful add-ons

Mobile app

Put information and registration in driver's hands

Get real-time status visibility as drivers consult info and register timestamps on a mobile device. 

Dynamic Slots

Extend Slot Booking benefits to Roadfeeder services

Auto request visits or slots from the TMS, dynamically updated according to ETA.

Vehicle/Driver DB

Increase security and reduce congestion

Register frequent visitors by ID or vehicle​ and easily link them to visits or slots.

Auto Request

Book visits directly from the Truck Management System

Facilitate Slot Booking and gain insights in booked capacity faster.


Combine visits efficiently and do more in one day 

Smartly link multiple pick ups and drop off in one trip and enable Milkrun functionalities.


Digitize your checklists, smoothen process execution

Equipment Booking

Manage pooled equipment efficiently

Regulatory processes | FFWD, GHA, regulatory instances

Inspection Management

Facilitate coordination of actions and exchange of documents & certificates related to the import inspection process

Customs Export

Accelerate export confirmation and reduce administration

Insights & analytics | Airport Operators

Cargo Statistics

Gain eye-opening insights in your end-to-end cargo streams


Global Pharma Tracker

Track and monitor t° controlled pharma shipments

Pharma Dashboard

Gain insight in the quality of your pharma shipments

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