An open ecosystem of collaborative applications

Applications tailored to your cargo processes

Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform underpins a rich ecosystem of collaborative applications that are developed with, for and by air cargo communities. Tailored to the reality of the cargo hub, they

  • enable efficient landside management
  • provide granular insights and analytics
  • facilitate regulatory processes
  • enable end-to-end track & trace

Our open approach allows you to start with the functionality you need, and add more as your needs evolve. 

Landside Management

A powerful app suite empowering ground handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies to efficiently plan, coordinate and execute the landside management processes from A-Z. You activate the functionality as and when you require: 

  • ​freight delivery and pick-up
  • cargo acceptance checks (on dangerous goods, pharma, damages, perishables, ...)
  • real-time registration of actions during handover 
  • stakeholder communication (notifications regarding release notes, cargo status, ...)
  • high value equipment pooling

Slot Booking

Eliminate waiting time, smoothen peaks & idle times

Acceptance & Delivery

Keep info on booked slots at hand & register actions in real-time

Freight Management

Replace paper-based release notes by an efficient digital flow


Digitize your checklists, smoothen process execution

Vehicle Database

Streamline traffic, reduce congestion & increase security

Equipment Booking

Manage pooled equipment efficiently

Road Feeder Management

Streamline airport to airport pick-ups & deliveries with dynamic Slot Booking

Digital Desk

Free up front desk staff as drivers self-register upon arrival and departure

Prior to using the Slot Booking app the handling of a truck, including paperwork and warehouse operations, would take on average 3 hours. Today this is done in only 2 hours.

Hossaine El Bouayadi, IT Manager and Process Development 

Insights & Analytics

Applications that tap like a periscope in your existing data, providing you with actionable insights ​in your end-to-end cargo streams or on the quality of your pharma shipments.

Data is presented in a complete set of intuitive reports and dashboards or made available in a data lake to be further enriched and explored by your own BI tools. 

Insights for Air Cargo

Gain eye-opening insights in your end-to-end cargo streams

Pharma Dashboard

Gain insight in the quality of your pharma shipments

With the Insights app we can analyse our real cargo flows in in detail. Knowing how much freight is being trucked to and from our airport or how much volume we are handling per destination allows us to take informed decisions on where to invest our efforts and money. 

Brussels Airport Company

Regulatory Processes

Eliminate inefficient paper-work, avoid duplicate, error-prone data-entries and coordinate inspections efficiently as you automatically provide correct and complete information to regulatory and governmental instances (Customs authorities, Federal Agency for Foods Safety etc.)

Customs Export

Accelerate export confirmation and reduce administration

Perishable Management

ensure an efficient and transparent import inspection process

Track & Trace

Monitor and track your shipments throughout their end-to-end journey. Armed with end-to-end visibility and transparency you secure your shipments and dynamically plan and monitor actions as it moves though your supply chain. 

Global Pharma Tracker

Track and monitor t° controlled pharma shipments

Peace of mind with a consultative approach

Implementating a cargo cloud project might seem challenging. In the many projects we have implemented we often see similar questions arise, such as: ​

  • How to build my business case?
  • How to start and grow a connected community
  • How to execute change and maximise impact?

Whatever the stage of your project you can rely on our consultative approach to maximise the impact of your efforts. We offer you a unique combination of technical expertise and in-depth understanding of community building.

How airports are benefiting from this

Brussels Airport

Powered by Nallian, BRUcloud optimizes landside management and regulatory processes, provides insights and enables end-to-end visibility for all actors at the hub.

Liege Airport

LGG redefines air cargo efficiency, transparency and reliability with Nallian for Air Cargo.


Heathrow is leveraging Nallian's data sharing platform to operate a cleaner, leaner and more efficient freight operation and gain granual insights in their real cargo flows.

Vienna Int'l Airport

Vienna International Airport leverages Nallian for Air Cargo to accelerate growth beyond the limits of its physical infrastructure.

Dallas Fort Worth

Nallian's Cargo Cloud makes processing cargo through DFW more efficient by providing accurate and timely information to our cargo community. 

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