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Making the world operate as one

As supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and distributed, virtual integration of the actors in these fragmented networks is key to compete with fully integrated players and gain competitive advantage. At Nallian, our mission is to improve the collective performance of distributed networks, empowering them to achieve levels of efficiency and visibility non could achieve alone.  'Making the world operate as one' is in our DNA, it's what we strive for every day. And because we're pragmatic, we do this one community at a time.

What we do

Nallian is the world’s first provider of an open ecosystem of collaborative apps underpinned by a next-generation data sharing platform for logistics hubs. We help business partners in fragmented networks to become high performing clusters that operate as one. Maximizing the value of their data, we empower them to grow beyond the limits of their physical infrastructure and generate business benefits for all actors in the network.

How we do this

Our open app ecosystem and data sharing platform enable the different stakeholders in a distributed network to easily and securely share and (re)use their data. Working on such a 'single version of truth' empowers them to generate unparalleled levels of efficiency,transparency and visibility in their cross-company processes.

Who benefits from this

Nallian empowers supply chain communities in air cargo, maritime and logistics. We are proud to serve the world's leading airports, ground handlers, freight forwarders, trucking companies, carriers and shippers.

Why work with us?

Agile & future-proof

Our open ecosystem of applications empowers you start reaping benefits quickly and add (new or existing) apps easily as your business evolves.

Data sharing & community expert

We support you with a unique combination of technical know-how & extensive experience in community building and governance.

Proven & trusted

Our award-winning solutions are used by and developed in collaboration with the world's leading companies in air, maritime and logistics

Runs with your systems

Enjoy peace of mind with a solution that is complementary to your existing systems and taps into existing data.

A passionate team at your service

At Nallian we all share a common drive to raise the bar for digitization in air cargo. Committed to walk the extra mile, our team of passionate data sharing specialists will work closely with you to unlock the value of your connected cargo hub.​

Sounds like something you would like to be part of?


BRUcargo Award 2020

ACN Innovation Award 2019

TIACA Sustainability Award - Finalist 2019

ACW Information Technology for the Air Cargo Industry 2018 (BRUcloud)

Nallian has been invited to participate in various (pan-European) projects that stimulate innovation in logistics, such as Clusters 2.0 and SYN-ERGIE

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